20 January 2009

Rihanna Live in KL

Teruja,xcited,sadis,gumbira,SEWEL,mcm2 lg la..da bercampur baur da feeling aku skg..mne tak yer..1 of my feveret singer nak wat konsert LIVE kat KL ni..RIHANNA..aku mmg minat sgt2 kat Rihanna ni, ntah la..maybe aku suke layan lagu2 dia..suke tgk style dance dia..suke tgk fesyen rambut dia..pnh skali aku g saloon then siap ckp kat org kedai tu yg aku nak fesyen rambut cm Rihanna..dorg gelak kan je..hek eleh..aku tak la malu time tu..bengang ade la..yerla..dlm at aku membuak2 mrh..last2 dorg ckp dorg tak tau nak wat..piiiirrraaahhh..rambut dorg aku tgk up 2 date yer fesyen..tp hampeh..bikin drh wa UP je..

The good-girl-gone-bad and Grammy award winner, RIHANNA, is coming to Malaysia for the first time! Her debut concert, RIHANNA LIVE IN KL 2009 is scheduled for FEBRUARY 13, 2009, FRIDAY, 8.30 p.m. atSTADIUM PUTRA BUKIT JALIL.

Harga Tiket yg ade..RM328, RM288, RM198, RM158, RM128

For inquiry on PREMIUM & CORPORATE SEATS, please call +603 2780 7010 or visit www.pineappleconcerts.com

Ade syarat2 yer tau:

* NO admission for infants and children below 3 years old. Children age 3 years olds and above or height above 2 feet MUST purchase tickets for admission.

* NO cameras or any kind of recording devices are permitted into the concert area.

* NO outside foods are permitted into the concert area.

Axcess outlets
> Axcess Office, Jalan Semangat
> 1-Utama Shopping Complex
> Stadium Putra Box Office, Bukit Jalil
> Rock Corner, Midvalley Megamall
> The Actors Studio, Bangsar
> Lot 10 Tower Records
> Parkson, Sunway Pyramid
> Rock Corner, The Curve (Start from 15/1/09 onwards)
> Tower Records, Gurney Plaza, Penang
> Music Valley, Pelangi Leisure Mall, JB

All collection of tickets will require validation of NRIC/Passport, Credit Card and Booking Number.

* Ticket collection is at venue only on the event day, 2 hours before the show time.

* No third party collection allowed unless Authorization Letter is issued by the Purchaser (credit card holder) and presented to Axcess upon ticket collection.

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