03 April 2012

.My Little Girl - Maher Zain ft Aya Zain.

You are a miracle
You are a blessing from above
You brought joy to my soul
And pleasure to my eyes
In my heart I can feel it
An unexplainable feeling
Being a father
The best thing that I could ever ask for

Just thinking of you makes me smile
Holding you, looking in your eyes
I’m so grateful for having you
And every day I pray
I pray that you’ll find your way

You know I Love You, I Love You
My little girl, my little girl
I ask God to bless you, and protect you always
My little girl, my little girl

You’re like a shining star
So beautiful you are
My baby girl
You light up my world
I pray that I’ll get the chance
To be around and watch you grow
And witness your first steps
And the first time when you will call me “Dad”

I could spend hours watching you
You’re so innocent, so wonderful and pure
O God I cannot express my gratitude
But I’ll raise her good, cause all I want is to please You
And now I pray you’ll guide her steps forever
Lagu ni aku tujukan buat anak-anak ku yg PALING KU SAYANG

" Ya Allah, lindungilah anak-anak ku dari kezaliman manusia yang durjana di dunia ini, Kau lindungilah setiap langkah mereka supaya tidak tersasar ke lembah hitam yang di laknati olehMu, peliharalah agama anak-anak ku supaya kekal dan teguh di agama yang di amanahkan kepada umat Nabi Muhamad s.a.w, Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin"


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